Annette runs the DTD to help Ram Khatri in Nepal

Help us to raise money to (re)build a house for Ram Khatri and his family!


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Annette runs the DTD to help Ram Khatri in Nepal


Netherlands, Netherlands

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On Sunday, September 18th, I will be running 10 miles (16km) at the Dam tot Dam Loop. This is a well know run in the Netherlands and goes from Amsterdam to Zaandam. It's my first DtD and I am super excited since the Zaandam area is where I come from! 

More reasons to be excited, because I am combining this run with a Fundraiser. A Fundraiser for my dear friend Ram Khatri from Nepal. He and his family lost their house during the earthquake in 2015 and need a lot of money to rebuild their home. Weather conditions in Nepal vary from really hot (and wet!) summers to freezing cold winters. Hello Himalayas! 

There are so many families in the same situation as RK and his family. I know that and it makes me so sad. Wish we could help them all! But at least, this could be a start. I know RK pretty well and really really want to help him and his wonderful loving family. Can we also count on you???? All the little bits and pieces will help! 

Please donate now and I'll run my but off during the Dam tot Dam Loop!