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I used to love cycling when I was younger, but I did not touch a bike since the age of 20. That all changed last year, when I had the weird and impulsive idea to cycle to Arco, Italy (1200km) for the suicide prevention organisation in the Netherlands. I had to train fast to get in some sort of shape but as I started and the miles passed it all went pretty smoothly.

This 6000km long trip is another story... Its starting in The Netherlands and is taking me thru Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The plan is to have this done in 7 weeks max.

I am cycling to raise money for Animal Rights so they can continue their awesome work.

On this trip I will (again) sleep in my tent wherever I can and feed myself with noodles and fruits. It is gonna be a very rough 6000km’s but I am extremely motivated to make this happen!

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