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Practical evidence-based solutions to improve and promote women's rights and health in sub-Saharan Africa


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African Woman Foundation


Netherlands, Netherlands

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The African Woman Foundation (AWF) is aDutch non-profit organization bringing practical evidence-basedsolutions to improve maternal health and promote women’s rightsin Africa. Since 2014, AWF has been running a program in MaguDistrict of Tanzania, aimed to increase health care seekingbehaviour and demand for quality services targeting families andcommunities through community group activities. Over a two-yearperiod AWF established 100 community groups reaching morethan 2000 women and children. Studies reveal that our communitygroups have increased community knowledge on maternal health,stimulated health-seeking behaviour and resulted in communitymembers part of the groups to demand for changes in their localhealth services (e.g. investments in equipment or introducing morestaff members). AWF is therefore determined to train morecommunity group facilitators in order to introduce the groups innearby districts in Tanzania.