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About Workplace Harassment


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It all started with a personal experience of (sexual) workplace harassment. The two-year period of isolation in which the harassment took place and the emotional rollercoaster you suddenly find yourself within when you speak-up. Mission


Creating awareness and providing education on how to achieve a workplace free from (sexual) harassment.


A healthy, respectful and sustainable work environment that is free from harassment.

About Workplace Harassment

Today About Workplace Harassment (AWH), a Dutch organization, helps people to understand and educate more about sexual workplace harassment. AWH focuses its efforts in the following key areas:

AWH increases the public and governmental awareness of issues involving sexual ‘workplace’ harassment and the impact this has on the work environment.

AWH strives to achieve that the public and the government understand how to define, recognize and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace and help realize the importance to do so, especially now when sexual workplace harassment only increases.   

What we do

AWH creates worldwide attention and awareness for sexual workplace harassment, especially at high schools and universities. We develop educational material and also for primary schools we have developed an educational program, which explains what sexual harassment is and how to draw the line.

Furthermore AWH has done research in Aruba on sexual workplace harassment, which showed us some interesting findings, and at this moment we do the same research in Curacao. Governments or other NGO’s don’t support AWH financially yet, it bears the costs itself. They do receive the rapport with our findings, conclusion and advice on how to improve the situation with regard to sexual workplace harassment.

AWH has the intellectual property right for the sexual workplace harassment smartphone application. This application will make it possible for employees to report sexual harassment in the safest way possible. Integrity and confidentiality are guarantied, within 24 hours the report will be answered. Uploading of evidence that might be present is possible with this application. This means that filing a full report of sexual harassment is possible without searching for the right person to report too.

What we need

To make it possible to create this necessary awareness, prevention and counseling, AWH needs donations. With these donations AWH is able to educate on every level about the consequences of sexual workplace harassment and empower people to speak and stand-up against it. Furthermore AWH hopes to launch their preventing application as soon as possible to ensure integrity and confidentiality, which will help to minimize victimization and protect the work environment from further hostility.

The book

Spitting on Hans’ tosti (Spugen op de tosti van Hans) is a true story about (sexual) harassment in the workplace. It describes the process in which powerful and eupeptic people change into seemingly powerless victims.This book highlights every disgraceful aspect of workplace harassment, the humiliation, how colleagues react and how it effects the work environment when workplace harassment is being ignored.

This book is the essential basis for the awareness we create globally. For every donation above 100,00 euro/ US dollar, we send you this book as a thank-you for you supporting this cause.

The book is available in Dutch and English.