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The Story

Awaken Resistance, envision the day when the government of Singapore will take all the necessary measure by putting an immediate stop and to fully abolish the national extrajudicial mandatory capital punishment of the death penalty. Where, we at Awaken Resistance, does not support the action and decision underscores by the government of Singapore in utilizing highly upon the national extrajudicial of mandatory capital punishment of the death penalty as the national effort to deterred any particular individual person from being influences or associates in any illicit drug-related activity as to be conducted within the island-city state country.

In March 2017, the government of Singapore had release. the prevalence data number about 38 individual person whom are still awaiting their death penalty trial to be executed, among the breakdown of prevalence data number recorded, 28 individual person are sentences for the criminal offence of minor or low-level drug trafficking whilst seven other individual person were sentences for the criminal offences on murders. Sadly, after the official release of the prevelvance data number in 2017, subsequently three individual person were executed within the same year, follow by 2018 where another two individual person were hanged to death in the beginning early of the year. However, the number of people who are subjected under the capital punishment does not seem to be reduces, and for a first time the government of Singapore, finally come forward to produces publicly on the prevalence data of people who currently undergoing the trial for death penalty, moreover, the remaining number of 33 individual people including the current new drug trafficking offender who are still awaiting for their death penalty trial to be executed.

Singapore Death Penalty Situation

Since Jan 2013, Amnesty International had recorded about 34 individual person including one female were sentences to the mandatory death penalty.

The Epidemiological Psychosocial Background the of Group People Who Are Condemned to Death Penalty

Reported by Amnesty International, that the group of individual person who is subjected to the death penalty rows, significantly represents from the foreign nationality (23%), where majority of this foreign nationality comes from Singapore nearest and closest regional neighbour, where Malaysia represent as the highest data number for foreign nationalities follow by Indonesia, Nigeria and Vietnam.

Mostly, the group of people who are subjected to death penalty are recorded to comes from the epidemiological psychosocial of less disadvantaged background. Most reported to be unemployed, follow by unskilled employee or worker, some were reported to be working part time or irregular employment. Majority group of people who are subjected to death penalty rows, are directly linked to the correlation cause of factors which indirectly or directly led them to be involves or having the capacity state of mind to participate as carrier or drug courier are basically based on bad financial situation or the rejection from social societal based on their past drug criminal offences record.

Why Your Contribution Could Make A Lot of Difference

The amount that are collected through this online fundraiser campaign is not only to benefit solely for the community-based campaign activity including other work engagement in coordinating the campaign action such as to gather for collectives support on the END THE MANDATORY DEATH PENALTY petition pledges campaigns that will run subsequently within the period of three months, but most significantly, our aim is to initiate a community-based fund resources for the immediate families members of the group of people who are subjected to the death penalty row.

To be call as the #DeathPenaltyEmergencyFund, where the beneficial for funds are allocated among the survivor immediate families members of the individual people who undergoing the criminal procedure of the death penalty trial, the immediate children of the individual people who are subjected to death penalty row, a reasonable monthly amount of remuneration to be allocated among the immediate family members, to further sustains they financial capability during the long journey trial.To enable us at Awaken Resistance, to further developed and coordinates community-based programs that will look into the specifics gender needs and capability of the recipient who will outreach too.

Any amount of funds that are raise and contributes, through this fundraiser platform could shed the lights and difference among the post and current survivor families member of the death penalty, where the underlying social issues faced by them such as the socio-economic systemic violences, hate-speech remarks, discrimination, stigma, pathological emotional and post traumatic stress disorder should not been ignored in rendering our help to them.

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