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Arianne Smit


Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Portugal

Dear brothers and sisters,

For many, many years now, I and Michel have had a dream. The dream to build a natural, ecological, permacultural, self sustainable future. For ourselves, our children (which we still hope to have) and for people around us who have the same dream and are able and wishing to join us. Through time the dream became more and more clear and we found ourselves being prepared to finally put everything in action. We are finally going to do this! Doing it together! But we cannot do it alone and would really appreciate your help!

We feel the time has come to begin with the startup actions. We have been looking for good, cheap land in Europe. We found several plots of land 500 meters from the Douro river in the Parc Natural do Douro Internacional. This river forms also the border between Portugal and Spain. The Douro is a very long river which finds it's origin in the north of Spain and the name means: Golden River. The plots are situated nearby Mazouco in the region of Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Portugal.

Our first move will be: To plan and undertake a trip to these lands in Portugal to see and feel the land and surrounding areas and investigate the options. There are several plot's available. We are in good contact with the local agent who sells the land. We have currently a budget to buy a plot of around 7100 m2. We are now making an inventory what additional costs it will take to buy this land and make it livable. For example, we will need electricity connection to a nearby property which has already electricity and we will have to dig a well for water. Fortunately the river is very nearby too so we can swim and wash ourselves there.

The trip to Portugal will cost us time and money. Besides that we will not be able to work these days being entrepreneurs, so we will have loss of income. Also we will first need repairs on our car before it can drive that distance safely.

So the goal for the startup is to raise enough money to make the trip and arrange the first services and supplies to be able to put up at least a caravan so we can make a start with living there during the times we can arrange to be there. This will mostly be during the holiday season.

What we already know: The main road is situated at the front of the property along the river. So it is easily accessible. There is a nearby opportunity for connecting electricity. We can easily have our own water for irrigation. We are allowed to use this land for agricultural projects. We are allowed to build agricultural buildings and allowed to even live there. But we are not allowed to build real houses. This is because the land is situated in a Natural park which is protected. Being in a Natural park makes this land more interesting to us though because of it's peace and quiet, beautiful nature and the breathtaking views on the river and the hills surrounding it. The perfect place to experience, feel and be in nature!

Our dream in detail is: To make this land a permaculture land with lot's of fruit- and nut trees and bushes and other permanent plants that produce fruits. Also we would love to make a big vegetable garden, build greenhouses and keep chickens, goats and other small animals. Hopefully we will also have some bee colonies. We would like to build a small eco village so we and other people can stay around for holiday and experience this kind of life. We are looking to set this up for people who want to learn how to work together with nature, the elements and how to socially work together and form a community. The buildings will be small and more agricultural looking. Like tents, caravans, yurts and log cabins. We also would like to provide the services of Spiritueel Centrum Second Life at the land in Portugal. So there will come opportunities to do plant medicine ceremonies, Kambo, sound healings, Yoga and much more in a very natural, beautiful, peaceful and sacred place in Europe at the Golden River!

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