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Donation plugin Manual

Install the WordPress plugin

  • Find the “WP-Whydonate” plugin in the “New plugin” menu and click “Install now”.
  • Activate the plugin via the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. 
  • The plugin will be visible in the left menu on WordPress.
Get started
  • To get started, click on WhyDonate on the left menu. Now, click on my account to setup your Whydonate account.
  • Already a Whydonate member? Enter your Whydonate API key in the given input field. To get your input key, open your Whydonate profile and click on the “API Key”. Here, you can generate a new API key.

After setting up your account, your fundraisers from the Whydonate platform will be accessible on this plugin.

  • Not a member yet? Sign up now and follow the step above.
Create a widget

Each widget has a style and a fundraiser associated with it. With the Whydonate donation button plugin, create multiple widgets for different fundraisers or with different styles.

  • In the left menu, click on WhyDonate > Create Widget
  • In the following screen, create a new widget by choosing the fundraiser you wish to link from your fundraiser list and a style for this widget.
  • If there are no fundraisers in the Fundraiser List, create one by clicking on ‘Create new fundraiser’, or from our website.
  • Choose the default style or click on ‘create a custom style’ to create a unique style associated with the branding of your website.
  • Note: You can also create fundraisers on our website. Fundraisers created via the website receive greater visibility, hence increasing your chances of receiving donations.
Add the donation button to your WordPress website

To add a donation button to your website, place the shortcode

on the desired page or post. The shortcode ID of each widget can be found in WhyDonate > Widgets.

Custom Styles
  • In the left menu, go to Whydonate > Plugin Styles to view your button styles.
  • User can create various styles which blend perfectly with the branding and colour scheme of the website. To create a new style, click on ‘Add new style’.