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Anytime, anyone can contribute and support

Our platform adapts to every screen, be it a smartphone, tablet or a laptop. This way, your fundraising campaign is accessible to everyone!

Accept international payments

Allows Donors to support cause without boundries

With the support of an array of payment methods, donors can support any cause from anywhere in the world!

Supported payment methods

Choose the way you donate

Receive donations from all over the world with the most common national and international payment methods.

Full insight

Ease of use

With our interactive dashboard, you can easily manage every aspect of your account and get an overview of all your fundraisers, crowdfunding pages and donors. This can also give you great insights on your donors, and help you figure out the best way to reach out to new donors.For example, in one year the Red Cross received over € 300,000, 60% of the donors donated with their mobile phone.

Automated messaging

Thank your donors

With our automated emails or personalized messages, thanking your donors has never been easier!

Help desk

We are always there to help you

Are you stuck, or do you need a helping hand? Our support team is ready for you every working day! Do you need more detailed information, check out the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page within the Helpdesk.

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Donate button plugin

Promote your cause on your website

You can also promote your campaigns through your website, with the Whydonate donate button plugin.
In just a few minutes, you can install the online donation module and adjust the button and form as per your design. Your website visitors can donate one-time and periodically. The donation is completed entirely on your website

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