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What were the most successful fundraising campaigns of 2017?

The nice thing about a new year is that it allows you to look back on a completed last year. Nothing preliminary figures, nothing estimates but just facts. That is why it was also the intention to map out what the most successful money collection campaigns of 2017 were. Simple, just add, subtract, divide and multiply all data and you’re done! Unfortunately, that is of course not that simple. Before you know it, you are comparing apples and pears and nobody understands it anymore. That is why today we will limit ourselves to mentioning a number of notable actions for fellow human beings. You have more to it!

Dam tot dam loop

Dam tot Damloop Whydonate

An unparalleled event. The Dam to Dam run, running from Amsterdam to Zaandam. With no fewer than 50,000 participants in 2017. During 10 English miles they outwit each other.

“Right To Play” was the official charity of the Dam tot Damloop. This is an international development organization that wants to impart important knowledge and skills to children in disadvantaged areas through sport and play.

But they were not the only charity for which they could walk. As always there were a large number of charities that could be run for. For non-professional runners, running for charity has the advantage that they can start directly behind the professionals for each charity in a group context. The condition is of course that they have collected the required sponsorship money!

Rollator Race 2017

To purchase a 4-person bicycle, a spectacular Rollator Race was held on 23 September. Participants were all people who needed the walker on a daily basis.

At Zorgerf Buiten-Stay there was a great need for a bicycle for 4 people. The bicycle was needed to be able to take those who were no longer able to cycle themselves. Since there was no budget for this, it was decided to take action. The fun action was started via the Whydonate website. A Rollator Race that was held on September 23. The turnout was large and the proceeds from the campaign were more than sufficient for the purchase of a bicycle for four people.

Yet again proof that crowdfunding can indeed work. Many donors were pleased with this promotion so that sufficient money was collected with the donations within a short time. The bike could be purchased!

Lak door Tijn

lak door tijn Whydonate

Great promotion from the little boy who became known at Serious Request with his crowdfunding promotion “Lak by Tijn”. Tijn painted nails of everyone in exchange for a donation to the Semmy Foundation. He also had his own nail polish line. For € 10 you can buy a bottle of nail polish. The entire proceeds from the nail polish go to the Semmy foundation. This foundation is committed to children suffering from brain stem cancer.

This year the goal was to raise 1,000,000 euros so that a device can be purchased that can better treat children suffering from brain stem cancer. With this device, the medicines they need can be delivered exactly in the right place. The deadline was met and the device is purchased.

Unfortunately it is too late for Tijn. Tijn Kolsteren passed away on July 7 at the age of 7.


We will of course mention only a few examples. But all in all, 2017 was a successful year in terms of money collection campaigns. Let us all make sure that 2018 will again be a great year to look back on. So get started! Check the Whydonate website regularly to see if promotions are being organized that make you feel comfortable. Then when you see such an action, contribute your bit. Large amounts are nice, but small amounts are also highly appreciated!
Niels Cover
Managing Director & Co-Founder at Whydonate

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