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10 Great Ideas For Fundraising For Child Care Centres

Fundraising for child care centres | Fundraising for kids

The concept of a child care centre is a lifesaver for working parents who have no backup to look after their small kids. These institutions are often known as daycare centres, crèche, or nursery schools. In some countries, child care centres also provide infant care and preschool programs.

Not only for working parents but also parents with other responsibilities seek services of childcare centres. Such child care centres are pretty safe for young children, which is one of the important factors for children. Apart from keeping the children safe, the child care centres also offer education, brain-stimulating activities, and other enrichment programs.

Why Child Care Centres Need Fundraising?

Fundraising for child care centres solves many purposes such as funding for the playground equipment, staff cost, and rent payment. Some institutions do not charge a hefty amount to parents due to their low income or their financial instability.

There is no ultimate guide to how much money is too much for child care. But to ensure a good quality child care service, the child care centres have to be creative with their finances. 

Let us talk about some fundraising ideas for kids.

Fundraising for child care centres

1. Use Social Media – 

While everyone is using social media for many reasons, it is one of the most popular ways to get the attention of a wide range of people. Also, social media covers almost every age group of people, which increases the chance of getting more spotlight on the cause. 

Since child care is a sensitive topic, people are more cautious about fundraising for child care centres. Not only is social media great for asking to raise money for children, but there are many fundraising ideas for kids available on social media.

People tend to share a lot of information on social media. That is why being transparent in social media about the requirements for the child care centres can help bring many funds.

2. Sports Activities – 

Sports is always a great way to involve children to increase their outdoor activities. For example, organizing a mini race or softball games for children can be both fun and helpful to raise money for children. Keep prizes and snacks to keep the children excited.

Ask the audience to donate small amounts of funds for the betterment of the child care centre, which can benefit both the children and the parents.


Fundraising for kids-kid in play ground

3. Art Sessions – 

In the days when outdoor activities are not possible (snowy or rainy days) organize creative art activities for the kids in order to raise money for children. Allow the kids to create paintings, jewellery, or slime figures and auction those art pieces. Kids can also make educational posters that can help them in learning.


Fundraising - Kids Art

4. Baking Competition – 

Baking goods are always an exciting activity for children. Watching little kids in kitchen aprons is a real joy. Arrange for children baking competitions with their parents and ask for a small entry fee to the audience. In this way, the audience can enjoy the little treats made by the children and help them in fundraising for the child care centres by donating funds.


Fundraising for kids - Children baking

5. Garage Sale –

Advertise for a garage sale, which can help to raise money for children. The staff of the child care centres can make money by selling the junk or the items that you do not use any more. In this way, they can declutter your space and make money for a good cause at the same time. You can also add items made by the children from the child care centre to show how the children are doing in the daycare.

6. Garden Activities – 

Flaunt the beautiful flowers or glossy vegetables from the garden of the child care centre to raise money for children. This is a great way to connect the children with nature and show the donors how much effort has gone through to grow the organic plants.

In addition, you can sell the flowers or the organic vegetables for a reasonable price, which is an excellent way for fundraising for child care centres. Also, invite environmental organizations to be a part of the fundraiser.

These activities will not only help the child care centre but also teach the kids the importance of plants/trees and help them understand to care more about the environment.


Fundraising for kids - kid in garden

7. Talent Shows –

Children always love to sing and dance. There are children who have so many hidden talents. By organizing a talent show, child care centres can create a platform where the children can show off their talents and raise money for the children at the same time.

Try inviting local celebrities and media to cover these activities, which can be a good opportunity for fundraising for child care centres. Who wouldn’t love to encourage the cute children to dance and sing in their colourful outfits? Child care centres can also charge a small amount as an entry fee to the talent shows.

Fundraising for child care centres - Kids dress up

8. Grant Funding – 

In some cases, the government also allows special grants to the private child care centres for their growth. However, often the private child care centres get paid for the supplies and equipment by the government.

The government grants a certain amount of money depending upon the requirements and the inspection results conducted by the government itself.

9. Surprise Boxes –

Another great idea for fundraising for child care centres is selling surprise boxes for children. These boxes can contain puzzles, storybooks, and art supplies to keep the children busy. Often parents find it challenging to keep their kids busy while they work.

These boxes can come in handy when kids want to have fun. Even selling these boxes online can attract a lot of customers, which will help raise money for children. This is probably one of the best fundraising ideas for kids.


Fundraising for Child care centres - surprise box

10. Fundraising Campaign –

Creating an online crowdfunding campaign can be one of the best ways to get a significant amount of funds for childcare centres. There are multiple crowdfunding platforms such as Whydonate that initiate fundraising for child care centres. Using such crowdfunding platforms increases the chances of getting funds quickly.

Childcare centres can also set a goal for how much funds they need for the betterment of the centre. Share your story through a campaign and raise money for children. Check out Whydonate, a  donation software that integrates easily into your website and allows you to receive both one-time and recurring donations to have successful fundraising for child care centres.

Conclusion –

We all can understand the vitality of child care. Specifically for working parents, child care centres are necessities. Additionally, quality childcare centres are rare. Because half of the daycare centres can’t afford certain supplies, equipment, or quality staff. But if the intentions are good, and the centres are willing to make a greater change, we, the Whydonate team, are here for you.

We love children, and we feel grateful to be able to fundraise for childcare centres.

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