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Corporate Social Responsibility – Not just about quitting smoking

People can decide not to smoke or drink in the new year, to exercise more and to work as a volunteer. For companies, it is slightly different. Companies do not smoke or drink, nor are they overweight. This does not alter the fact that a company may also have good intentions (also referred to as corporate social responsibility). For example, a company can promise to produce less CO2 emissions or to support charities with its employees.

Together for a better environment

In the past, the contribution that a company made to society was often more like a marketing initiative or the hobby of the boss.

This was, for example, in the form of sponsorship from a local sports club. In exchange for, for example, a billboard along the line of the football field, training materials and shirts (with advertising) were then donated. Of course, that is still the case today, but that is no longer the only thing that matters. In addition, it has now become normal to take the environment into account and that is certainly not wrong!

Companies that engage in CSR

The term CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is making a buzz these days. This indicates that companies strive for more than just financial results.

If you as a company make an effort to burden our planet as little as possible and take good care of your employees and society, you will gain in respect and even enjoy certain benefits. Not only with the government, but also with employees. They are proud to work for an organization that cares about society.

Perhaps the same applies even more to new employees. They rather opt for a company that is visibly involved in society than one that is not. With the arrival of the 3 Ps, People, Planet and Profit, profit and salary often no longer come first.

Supporting charities together with employees

There are countless ways in which a company, together with its employees, supports a good cause. That can be a local, national or international goal. Often the choice of this depends on the topicality of the moment.

Local initiatives can often be enormously helped with someone who does the accounting, helps with creating a newsletter, or improves the website. In such a case, an employer can suffice by offering employees who can use part of their hours in this way.

When it comes to fundraising campaigns, you hear more and more often that the company is doubling what the employees have collectively collected.

Organize fundraisers yourself

It often happens that organizations want to set up a fundraiser themselves. With larger companies, in particular, the question often arises as to whether they will set up a foundation or an ANBI to make it more attractive for donors.

That in itself is a good idea, which unfortunately often proves difficult to realize in practice. But if you look at initiatives such as the Dam tot Damloop, the Alpe d’Huzes, contributions for Sint Maarten, help to the local Food Bank, etc., all of that was successful without the Foundation or ANBI!

Your own crowdfunding/ CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) platform

All kinds of crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns can be set up with a platform.

Various organizations such as ING and the Triodos Foundation have their own custom-built platform built by Whydonate where staff, individually or by department, can organize fundraisers.

It is also possible to make connections with HR systems, which also makes it possible to donate in-kind (working hours or vacation days).

The advantage of a Platform is that it is modular in construction. So you can start small and easy with a platform. Later on, you can, depending on the wishes, research and evaluations, determine which modules still need to be added.

Niels Cover
Managing Director & Co-Founder at Whydonate

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