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“Happy Aging Foundation organized a walker race to collect money. The campaign was a great success and the goal was achieved!”
Happy Aging Foundation
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Starting a fundraiser is easy
Step 1
Start a fundraiser

Start by clicking the 'Start a fundraiser' button and register as a person or organization.

Step 2
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Personalize your fundraiser by adding text, images and video. You can even add your own styling.

Step 3
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Promote your fundraiser by sharing it on social media and other channels. Whydonate will help you reach as many people as possible.

Step 4
Receive donations

The donations will be paid out to your bank account number (IBAN). Check the dashboard to see the payouts and received donations.

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Three ways to get involved
Start a fundraiser to collect money for yourself, your loved ones or a charity you care for.
Support an existing fundraiser on Whydonate by connecting your own fundraiser to it.
Make a donation to any fundraiser you like and bring a smile to someone's face.
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